Steel Frame Retrofits & Modifications

Do you have a great steel frame that needs some updates? Here are a sampling of retrofits and modifications that I offer:

  • water bottle braze-ons
  • cantilever bosses
  • disc brake tabs
  • 650 B conversions
  • relocation of brake bridge to fit bigger tires
  • dimpling chainstays for bigger tires
  • almost any of your unique customization needs
Steel Frame Repairs and Modifications
Frame dimpling, disc brakes, water bottle bosses and cantilever bosses
Crack repaired and a custom brace added to improve factory design

Steel Frame Repairs

Oops! Accidents happen. Frames break. Many steel frames can be repaired and saved from the scrap heap. Send me pictures and a description of how the damage happened. Often, the damage can be repaired by brazing a new fillet or adding a special brace.

Custom Steel Forks

There are plenty of mass production forks that are really good and can be purchased at a great price. That said, there are situations where unique features are not available as an off-the-shelf solution. For instance, if you would like to convert your 80’s touring frame into a gravel bike with a 1” threadless steer tube that is 400mm long and has Anything cage bosses – I can help.

400mm steer tube fork
400mm steer tube with anything cage mounts
Custom 69cm all road frame
69cm all road frame fits 700 x 42cm tires.

Custom Steel Lugged Frames

I build unique steel frames for gravel, all road, cyclocross, and mountain. You choose disc or cantilever brakes and pick your head tube, top tube, seat tube lengths and diameters using high quality Reynolds or Columbus tubes (or whatever you like). Reach out to start the discussion.